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Missing The Feeling Of A Cyclone Game Day???

Step Onto The Sidelines With Your Football Viewer!

For FREE! Just pay a small, one-time shipping fee of $4.95

Meet Chris

A Superfan With A Dream...

Once upon a bright fall day at Iowa State University's Freddy Court, Cyclone Superfan Chris James stumbled upon a pair of VR goggles. These could take him to magical worlds, kind of like when he was a kid playing make believe. Excited, Chris wanted to use them to close the distance and get into the action during Cyclone football games.

After much effort, he captured the raw game day energy, by running with the team out of the tunnel and onto the field. Now, every fan can experience that journey themselves! Dive in and feel that incredible rush of his Football World.

The Mission

Teleport Into The Action...

Anybody who knows Chris knows that he loves Cyclone sports. He wants nothing more than to take every Cyclone fan, no matter how far, into the game day action that he gets to experience on the sidelines. He created these Football Viewers with his friends so that Cyclones everywhere can dive into his favorite Football World (And maybe make the Hawkeyes jealous too😆).

Just grab your FREE viewer, scan it's QuickPass Card with any smartphone and within 30 seconds you'll be standing in the cleats of a star athlete, waving to the crowd as if you were there yourself.

  • Feel like you're right there at the game with Chris! 🏈
  • ​Get into the action fast with QuickPass Cards! 🚀
  • Stand with the athletes and wave to the crowd! 🌟

Say Goodbye To Feeling Far Away From The Action

See What The Coaches See, Feel What The Players Feel

Only a few fans can land themselves a front row seat... and it comes with a huge price tag. What if there was a way to not just sit in the front row, but to actually stand alongside the team? With your Football Viewer, you can do just that! Feel exactly what it's like on the sidelines for FREE today.

You don't have to be a 'tec wizard' to enter these worlds. Just scan your QuickPass Card and let the software do all the hard work. With a QuickPass Card, you're only 30 seconds away from stepping into the action! Get your own Football Viewer and see how easy it is.

FREE! Get Yours Today!

Super Easy-To-Use

Any Smartphone

But How? And Why?

With Immersive Sports Worlds of course! Stop feeling like you're far away from the action. Imagine what it would be like if you were right in the middle of a big game. With this Football World, you can feel the excitement of the game from your living room. It's like you're really there, waiving to the crowd and cheering with the players! Come and see just how amazing it is.

  • Picture the moment where you feel the roar of the crowd, each cheer making you feel like a true Superfan.
  • Soon, you'll be shouting with the Cheer Squad, feeling what it's like to bring the action.
  • Imagine being side-by-side with the team after a big touchdown play, sharing in the joy of victory!

Why Football Viewers?

Because You Deserve To Be A Part Of The Game. 

With Football Viewers, game day is taken to the next level! You can watch and have fun without any hassle. It's like getting the best seat for FREE without any troubles!

  • Enjoy the game!
  • Affordable fun seats!
  • ​Full of excitement!
  • Run with players!
  • Jump into plays!
  • Create game memories!

Hurry! Stock Is Limited. Get Yours Before We're Out.

Stock is limited. Step into the shoes of a star athlete and relive the electrifying atmosphere of a home game with your FREE Football Viewer. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

 Cyclone Fans Love Thier Football Viewers

See For Yourself...

"Game Days Will Never Be The Same Again! This Football Viewer..."

"Game days will never be the same again! My Football Viewer puts me into the action, making me feel like a star athlete on the sidelines! Nothing gets me closer to the action!"

Josh J.

Class of 2021

"Since Moving Away After Graduation I've Missed Being..."

"Since moving away after graduation, I've missed being a part of Cyclone games. My viewer brings back all those awesome memories, taking me right back into a packed Jack Trice Stadium."

Zach B.

Class of 2020

"I Used To Feel Distant From The Action And Wondered..."

"I used to feel distant from the action and wondered what the players saw. I've been a Cyclone fan my whole life, and until now, nothing has been able to close that distance." 

Brady T.

Class of 2019

"I Love Showing This Off To All My Cyclone Friends..."

"I love showing this off to all my Cyclone friends. It makes me feel like a true Superfan! It's the perfect conversation starter. Plus, it makes my Hawkeyes friends jealous, haha"

Mckenzie M.

Class of 2018

Get Your FREE Football Viewer Today

Get Your FREE Football Viewer Today

Just pay a small, one-time $4.95 shipping & handling fee


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